PBIS-Positive Behavior Intervention Supports


Check-In/Check-Out Process:

Parent Guide

The Check-In/Check-Out (CICO) Program is a school-wide program that provides positive supports to students. CICO is based on evidence-based practices of the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports system or PBIS. The goal of CICO is to provide positive interventions for the student through fostering meaningful interactions between the student, teachers, and peers throughout the academic day. Therefore, a student can achieve success by getting constructive feedback from his/her teachers for what was done well and what can be improved. CICO is not a punishment.  

How do students get selected for CICO?

A student is selected to participate in CICO when s/he either receives 3 Student Incident Reports (SIR) for the same minor offense or 6 SIR for different minor offenses, as well as for chronic absences or tardiness, not earning minimum weekly credits, or earning grades below a C. The student is given information on CICO from a school administrator or the PBIS Coordinator on what the program is and how to meet the daily CICO goals.

How does this affect a student’s day while in CICO?

A student will pick up a blank CICO form, with individualized goals, from his/her 1st hour teacher or designee. Every period or assigned period(s) the student must give the CICO form to his/her teacher at the beginning of the class period. A student can earn 6 points each class period by following the CICO goals to Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Involved. At the end of the class period, the student will get back his/her CICO form with the teacher’s points and feedback about the student’s meeting his/her goals during the class period. Check-ins occurs during each class period of the academic day with the expected goal that the student will have at least 80% goals achievement. At the end of the day, the student must give the CICO form to his/her last class period teacher or designee to “Check-out” for the day.

How do teachers participate in the CICO Program?

Teachers participate by providing both verbal and written feedback to a student at pre-determined times throughout the day. The feedback is quick, instructional, and most importantly, positive. Each teacher will fill-in the CICO form to indicate a student daily goals progress.

What is the incentive for the student to participate?

A selected student must meet the CICO daily goals to remain eligible for enrollment in GEC alternative education program.

What is the family’s role?

GEC will send parent(s)/guardian a weekly progress report of his/her student CICO progress. Parent(s)/guardian are encouraged to acknowledge their student efforts and successes, and to contact the school to discuss any concerns or have any questions answered.

How long is a student in CICO?

A student will continue to check-in and out with staff throughout the day over a six-week period. If continued support is needed, CICO may continue while other supports are added. A designated staff will check a student CICO progress graphs to access the student needs. If a student meets at least 80% of his/her goals for the 6 weeks, then the student is taken off CICO.


For questions about the CICO program, please contact Mr. Loyd or Ms. Lora at 760-955-3440 x 33102.