Mission Statement

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The Mission of Goodwill High School is to provide an alternative environment which insures school safety and student success by promoting academic achievement, personal independence, and structuring a foundation for becoming a productive member of society.

Vision Statement Goodwill Education Center motivates students with the opportunity to recover credits while preparing them with skills needed to obtain a career and successfully transition into society through accountability, valuing respect, and a growth mindset learning environment. Value Statements

  1. We believe each student is an individual capable of learning.
  2. We believe all students are unique and have value.
  3. We believe all students have different needs.
  4. We believe diversity strengthens our school environment.
  5. We believe building growth mindsets are essential to enriching the lives of our students.
  6. We believe in preparing our students for college and career post-secondary transitions.
  7. We believe family and community are partners in the educational process.
  8. We believe successes need to be recognized and addressed.
  9. We believe motivation, accountability, and respectful values are important to support a positive school climate.
  10. We believe through relationships, encouragement, and compassion all students can be successful through alternatives.


  1. Apply critical thinking skills in problem solving
  2. Apply knowledge and skills to life
  3. Use resources to gather, analyze, organize and present information ACCOUNTABLE AND RESPONSIBLE
  4. Accept personal responsibility for their actions and decisions
  5. Become respected citizens
  6. Make positive contributions in their community VALUE RESPECT TO SELF AND OTHERS
  7. Respect for other individuals
  8. Acceptance of diverse cultures and belief systems
  9. Tolerance for individual differences SUCCESSFUL ACADEMICALLY AND PERSONALLY
  10. Meet state and district standards
  11. Work effectively in a cooperative manner
  12. Pursue life-long personal and academic growth

“Success through Alternatives”