Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Students: 

I hope to address some confusion that is raising a lot of anxiety for you.

Students are not expected to attend online classes for six hours a day. We require that students sign in to their classes during the scheduled time so that they understand their assignments and what their teachers directions are. This could be in the form of an email, checking online assignments, and/or participating in a teacher chat session as scheduled. We don't expect our students or our teachers to be attending/conducting classes online the whole day. However, teachers will be accessible for questions and support during the day.

Online education requires flexibility for students and staff. Tomorrow, teachers will provide more clarity which will put some of these concerns to rest. Instruction for six hours per day has never been an expectation. We ask students to follow your current schedules so that you can get support during that class from your teacher.  It also allows our teachers to focus on the questions and needs related to the course being taught during that particular class. Some of your teachers may provide additional time outside the school day for interaction with them and they will inform you accordingly.

We will continue to provide more clarification as we learn together about how distance-learning is going to support ongoing educational opportunities for all students.

Tomorrow and Wednesday, all students must sign into their classes so that your teachers know what you need. If you still do not have a device please contact the school site front office.   Your teachers need to know that you can access your assignments and continue your learning during this time. Please know we are here to help you so don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Kevan Loyd
(760) 955-3440 Ext. 33101