GRADUATION CEREMONY:  May 28, 2018, High Desert Church, 5:30 p.m.


GRADUATION REHEARSAL:  May 27, 2018, High Desert Church, 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.  They will pay for and receive their caps & gowns at this time.


CREDIT DEADLINE DATE TO WALK (ALSO REFERRED TO AS “DROP DEAD” DATE):  May 3, 2018.  If they can’t meet this credit deadline in order to walk, they can continue earning credits up to the last day of school to try to finish.

                Last day for GHS:  6/5/18      


FEES:  All outstanding fees must be paid in order to receive their diplomas.  They can see Ms. Sandy (Librarian) or Ms. Kathie regarding fee information.


GRADUATION PICTURES:  They can check out a cap & gown package from Ms. Kathie (no charge) in order to take their pictures at a location of their choice.  We also have February 22, 2017, set for Lifetouch to come and take their graduation pictures on our campus between 11 am - 2:30pm (PST).  Please start informing the students of this, especially the Adult Ed students, so than can be available for pictures this day.


If you still have questions, please ask Ms. Kathie.